Psoas Focused Mat Class mit Madeline Black (englisch)

30. Januar 2019 von Team Q | Kommentare deaktiviert für Psoas Focused Mat Class mit Madeline Black (englisch)

Das Video in voller Länge (59 Min) findest Du im internen Bereich.
Madeline Black leads a mat class with the focus of working with the psoas. She guides you through the imagery of the psoas and its influences from the cervical to the feet. Madeline integrates traditional Pilates mat along with her inventive use of movement and props to strengthen and lengthen the psoas. After this class you will be standing and moving differently!
Level: 1-2   —    Trainer: Madeline Black
Gerät: Matte, Pilates Ball, Theraband    —    30.10.2018

Vorstellung von Madeline Black

30. Januar 2019 von Team Q | Kommentare deaktiviert für Vorstellung von Madeline Black

Madeline Black has distinguished herself as an international leader in movement and exercise education. She has been known as the “teacher’s teacher” for over 25 years. Madeline’s first comprehensive book, “Centered, Organizing the Body Through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Techniques”, which defines the synthesis of her approach to movement training was published in 2015. Madeline presents regularly in over 20 countries and for conferences such as Pilates On Tour, and Pilates Method Alliance. Recently, Madeline was accepted to present at the “Movement and Cognition” Conference at Harvard this summer. She is regular teacher online for Pilates Anytime and Fusion Pilates EDU.

What sets Madeline’s teaching apart is her emphasis on clear instruction. From her lecture demos, to her hands-on work, to her educational and supplemental materials, participants leave her workshops immediately able to integrate her ideas and concepts into sessions with their own clients. She draws inspiration from a vast knowledge of anatomy, fascia research, biomechanics, and energy work, which has lead to an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to Pilates, yoga, and GyrotonicÒ.  Madeline’s accessibility, articulateness, commitment to the body, and decades of experience, make her a beloved and sought-after instructor.